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Retained Searches

At Max Group, Retained Searches are given priority status in terms of the level of consulting talent assigned to conduct the search and the time and resources that are dedicated to the project. We take great care in working with a client company to formulate a clear and objective outcome-driven job description. Furthermore, using collaboratively derived criteria, the Max Group carefully identifies and screens potential candidates based on their interpersonal styles, attributes, and work histories in order to insure the greatest potential for "culture fit" and positive organizational impact.

Retainer Fee

At Max Group, the fees for a retained search are typically higher than in contingency assignments, usually 30-33% of the candidate's first year's annual compensation, given the level of energy and resources that a search firm invests in sourcing quality candidates. These fees are usually paid out over three set time periods (usually at the beginning, at 45, and then again at 90 days) as previously established "deliverables" occur.

Advantages of a Retained Search

Retained Searches take precedence over contingency assignments due to the mutual commitments that are involved in the search process. We will prioritize the search by dedicating a team of sourcing professionals to the project, setting target dates for specified deliverables, use direct deep-channel sourcing, and giving the client company the right of first refusal of sourced candidates.

Initiating a retained search allows potential candidates to see how serious our Client is about filling the position, therefore giving credibility and legitimacy to the Max Group when discussing this position with potential applicants.

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Retained Search

Our Guarantee

Max Group will guarantee sixty (60) days of full-time employment from the successful candidate's start date. If the candidate leaves under his/her own volition during this guarantee period or is terminated for cause, we will replace the candidate within forty five (45) days or refund on a pro-rata basis the fees earned.

This guarantee is subject to receipt of payments as described above. No modification or waiver of any of the provisions of this Agreement will be effective unless made in writing, specifically referring to this Agreement, and signed by both parties.