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Our clients know that MaxGroup is first and foremost their business partner, not just a recruiting partner. We understands that our clients live and breathe with P&L, EBITDA, and other business metrics and therefore knows the types of talent that drive value-add recruiting and ultimately business success. Our clients get right to the point... they call MaxGroup immediately whenever a position needs professional search attention. They have already learned that we serve as a Business Partner.

  • Find better qualified candidates who will bring more value to Your organization
  • Objectively assess candidates hard & soft skills based on Empirically-based testing criteria
  • Increase retention rates
  • Reclaim time for other critical business needs
  • Provide the safeguard of a guarantee period
  • Shorten your replacement cycle.
Our Search

Our commitment to providing employers with competitive search and recruitment services, unparalleled customer service with and a high ROI, has earned us longstanding relationships with our global clientele.

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Advantages of Working with us
Advantages of Working with us

Locate productive team members who accomplish key business objectives
As professional, skilled headhunters, we know where to find candidates, what client derived qualifications to target, and which persons will likely thrive in a particular business culture.

Free up time and resources
The hiring managers with whom we work are not search professionals. They are executives and managers with other important deadlines and demands. We take the recruiting / search burden off of their plates so they can focus on the jobs for which they were hired.

Save money
The MaxGroup finds candidates who can hit the ground running and who will likely stay with our clients for the long-term. We enhance this "degree of fit" by qualifying candidates based on: 1) Empirically derived retention variables; 2) Thorough skills and experience assessments; 3) Personality and culture matching; and 4) Identifying individuals who share the client's corporate mission and goals. Finally, our clients can rest in knowing that their executives, managers, and HR personnel are avoiding expensive backlogs in their own productivity.